The following cases are just a sample of the savings and program improvements achieved around the country since 2008.

  • Phoenix law firm with 140 employees realized a savings of $800,000 over a two year period with the coming third year savings promising to be even larger.
  • Michigan-based research organization with 120 employees discovered insurance company overcharges of over $1M through Incenta’s ONTRACK™ process.
  • West coast provider of corporate security solutions saved $3000 per employee, with additional savings in the works.  It also was able to provide its workers with more choices in health plans and providers.
  • One of the country’s oldest construction companies saved $1.1M on its Blue Cross plan the first year and is currently slated to achieve an additional $300,000 savings the second year on its HMO-covered employees.
  • Multi-state provider of telecommunications infrastructure realized savings $300,000 and more importantly solved a looming $1.4M Obamacare tax penalty for uninsured workers by custom-designing an affordable plan in compliance with provisions of the Affordable Care Act.
  • A municipal utility company, utilizing the benefits plan offered by the utility association they belonged to, didn't think any improvements were available. Incenta's analysis identified reductions totaled over $3,500 per employee per year while keeping their insurance company and simultaneously increasing benefits.
  • Publically-chartered high school in California with 120 employees used their “Incenta” savings such that employees no longer have to pay a portion of their insurance premium, plus the yearly deductible has been taken care of by the organization putting $2,500 into a Health Reimbursement Account for each employee each year.  Even after these enhancements to their employees’ benefits, the school still enjoyed a net savings to its bottom line!