HR Managers

Incenta understands the key role Human Resources plays in your company’s success, as well as the unique time constraints on HR professionals that can deter from the real mission. Our goal is not just to bring a net cost savings to your organization, but a net time savings to you, so that you free up time to focus on more strategic tasks.
Most HR Directors seek a greater “seat at the table” with the greatest challenge being lack of time. The following tools offered along with our ONTRACK™ process not only advance your administration of HR to the next level, and not only provide a better experience for employees, but also free up time to make your job more rewarding.

Benefits Administration System

Through our ONTRACK™ technology, we offer a turnkey solution to reduce the time it takes to administer employee benefits.  Cloud based and seamlessly integrated, the system is ultra-intuitive and easy to use.  Advantages include:

  • Be confident about compliance with new ACA regulations and reporting
  • Takes you completely paperless – a greener solution
  • Changes and updates made easier, or automated entirely
  • Full integration greatly reduces errors in moving data.  No more incomplete forms
  • Processing delays eliminated, access to information quicker
  • Direct data feed with all major insurance companies eliminates mistakes, lag
  • Employees have access to cost and benefit information in real time
  • Onboarding new employees, as well as Open Enrollment, is greatly simplified

Benefits Advocacy

The biggest stress cited in surveys of HR professionals is attending to employee support calls and requests for information.  Incenta’s Advocacy Program becomes your outsourced solution by giving your employees access to live assistance by phone or web.  Without making a call to HR they can receive the information they need, and get answers to questions such as how to select a medical provider, what procedures are covered, deciphering a hospital bill, and how qualifying events affect their cost and coverages.

Benefits Education

Through our ONTRACK™ technology we offer a “must-have” for your HR Department, a customized video library to transform your employee benefits communication and open enrollment process.

  • Free up HR resources and reduce HR support calls
  • Engage your employees with a custom video experience
  • Increase enrollments in important benefits programs
  • Support your distributed workforce and family decision makers
  • Simplify benefits through plain language videos
  • Save money and go green