Our Process

To fulfill our mission of transforming the world of corporate health benefits one company at a time, we have proprietary technology through a proven process called ONTRACK™.

The Incenta ONTRACK™ process includes review and optimization of five comprehensive categories of designing and purchasing health insurance coverage. Each is based on decades of experience in actuarial analysis and plan design combined with a robust database of utilization patterns and industry-wide benchmarking data to verify cost relative to risk and reward. These areas are:

1. Plan design options
2. Benchmarked rates and expenditures
3. Fees for plan features and extras
4. Negotiation strategies
5. Best practices in employee education leading to aligned incentives

Each of the five areas contains opportunities for employers to improve options for their workforce while understanding the specific effects of those choices on utilization and company budget. Employers can then customize their coverage to augment the company’s recruitment and retention goals, while at the same time align with management’s preferences in regards to risk acceptance, change tolerance, and required ROI for new initiatives.

The ONTRACK™ process educates employers about how insurers set (and sometimes preferentially manipulate) price. The process starts and focuses on the requirements of the employer and is not constrained by the limited number of options usually offered by insurers at renewal. By applying an informed, data-driven method to the process of designing, negotiating, and purchasing health coverage, clients can provide improved benefits at a lower cost.

For a 500 person firm, savings over 2 years would likely fall in a range between $1.5M - $3M.

Organizations of all sizes can enjoy these savings, along with more streamlined benefits

administration, and greater employee satisfaction.