About Us

Incenta is an independent technology firm delivering transformational solutions and unmatched ROI in corporate heath benefit strategies. Our mission is to change employer health care in America one company at a time.

Decades of Experience

We have two decades of experience innovating and structuring successful health benefits arrangements. Incenta’s principals and support team includes insurance thought leaders, statisticians, corporate benefits consultants, and nationally successful mid-to-large market expense reduction specialists.

Not Just Savings

By incorporating powerful, little-known strategies, your costs are reduced between $1,000 to $3,000 per employee per year. Keep in mind however, that the vision guiding our success is not just cost savings. We believe employers should have more choices in coverage and providers, and more control over their health benefit dollars. We will show you how we bring results that nicely dovetail with your goal of having employees enjoy and appreciate the value of their benefits more than they did before.

Our Fees

Engaging Incenta never costs — it pays. Fees are contingent on the actual savings you realize. You never pay anything unless we achieve the dollar total in savings we’ve committed to in writing.


Incenta team members reside across the US, with key strategic partner firms located in the mid-Atlantic region, California, Tennessee, Colorado, and Washington State. Incenta corporate headquarters is near the DC area, in Rockville, MD.

Case Study

Self-insured Non-Profit discovers hidden fees

An organization with 400 employees, ‘Consulting Group’ was self-insured and had previously implemented changes using consumer driven health plan (CDHP) strategies.

Consulting Group naturally assumed that being self-insured meant they were paying the cost of the claims their employees incurred. They were honestly skeptical that additional cost reductions were available. Other than educating their employees to be better consumers and continuing to cost-share at the same level with them, what else could be done?

Upon review of their contracts, claims reports and plan designs, Incenta discovered a series of embedded fees that were not obvious to Consulting Group. These fees —which are absorbed by most TPAs and insurance carriers — were being passed along to the company, adding 20% to their total cost of employee health care benefits.

The operations person at Consulting Group says,“We presumed that – being self-insured – the cost we pay is what members are spending. That’s why we self-insure, so that we’re not paying an insurer to cover the risk. Now we find out, the insurer, who was simply a TPA, was making extra money on us anyway.”

Incenta helped Consulting Group redesign their offering to employees and switch to a different TPA to manage claims payment without the hidden fees. Total annual savings: over $500,000.